New Coating Inspection System Launched

New PVA 20/20 Coating Inspection System Provides
Verification of Your Conformal Coating Processimage

PVA has launched a new in-line, automated inspection module the PVA 20/20 Coating Inspection System. Named to represent clearness and sharpness of vision, the new system provides fast, high quality coating process verification by detecting keep out and must coat areas as well as identifying issues such as dewetting, cracking, etc..

More and more during production there is a need to inspect large areas quickly to assure quality during the conformal coating processes. This inspection must be flexible and easy to program. The PVA 20/20 meets these requirements while seamlessly integrating into a production line. Additional benefits of replacing manual inspection include creating an objective and repeatable process for rapid feedback.

The PVA 20/20 has a viewable area of 400mm x 300mm with a depth of field of 16mm. The system also features six independently controlled light bars for versatile inspection capability. The minimum detection size is 84 microns. The total area scan time is approximately 10-20 seconds, depending on the area used for inspection.

Recently launched at IPC APEX Expo, the PVA 20/20 Coating Inspection System is now currently available globally.


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